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Welcome to Cali-Burrito!

Welcome to, the site dedicated to San Diego’s favorite lovechild of California and Mexico. We sell shirts, stickers, sweaters, and hats for those who want to support the California Burrito Movement. What is the Movement? We simply aim to introduce all open-minded and uninitiated palates to this tortilla-wrapped fiesta.


My name is Dan, and I created the California Burrito T-shirt in 2010, selling them online With the help of a few hungry friends, I was able to create a cool shirt that I thought native San Diegans would appreciate. It turned out that someone’s ZIP code wasn’t nearly as important as their love for meat, cheese, fries and salsa. The hype for the Cali B has now spread outside of Southern California. I’ve even delivered a tee to a fan in Germany.  
I created this site to raise awareness for the Movement and to give a home for people who love the California Burrito—and the experience that comes with unwrapping one.